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The solution to isolate EV car fires

A concept by T-ISS Safety Suppliers

FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR is a concept by the ISO9001 certified company T-ISS Safety Suppliers from the Netherlands, established in 2003. T-ISS is part of the larger Heijboer Group, which has operated worldwide for more than 40 years in safety products and safety signage in all sectors. As with all other products and services produced by this ISO9001 certified group, our goal with Fire Isolator is to provide the highest quality, transparent and sustainable solution for keeping electrical car fires manageable.

The concept for the FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR method to limit the damage done by EV car fires, arose when partners of T-ISS, with a long track record in the European Ferry industry, got together after receiving several questions from the ferry industry on how to best deal with EV car fires while sailing. As these experts were aware that Lithium fires are extremely difficult to extinguish, another and completely new concept was invented by T-ISS Safety Suppliers: FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR.

Quality and Policies

Fire Isolator is committed to exceptional quality in our FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR concept, a revolutionary approach to minimizing the collateral damages of electrical vehicle fires. We focus on reliability and compliance with international fire safety standards. Our products, designed for efficiency and durability, offer great value for money. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, extending from our products to our customer service.

We maintain a ready stock of all of the Fire Isolator products and accessoires to ensure prompt, round-the-clock assistance. Our business ethos is built on key values: prioritizing our customers, valuing our skilled employees, driving innovation, and upholding responsibility and accountability to our clients, the environment, and the global community.

Environment, health and safety

Fire Isolator is deeply committed to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) principles through our FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR concept for effectively extinguishing EV car fires. Our products have all the relevant certifications.

Our dedication extends beyond product development to every aspect of our operations, emphasizing:
● A safe working environment for employees and stakeholders.
● Minimizing our carbon footprint.
● Integrating EHS into our Research & Development.
● Ongoing improvement of our EHS efforts.

Our Team

Fire Isolator, part of T-ISS Safety Suppliers, upholds the same high standards of quality and service that have earned the parent company its ISO9001 certification. Based in the Netherlands, our dedicated T-ISS team is committed to supporting Fire Isolator’s operations globally. We prioritize responding swiftly and efficiently to all inquiries and orders, ensuring that our dealers experience the renowned speed and excellence of service characteristic of

To learn more about our expert team and how they can assist you, please visit the our team page at T-ISS.

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