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The solution to isolate EV car fires


On this page you can find all videos related to our Fire Isolator Concept.

Live demo March 2022

After almost two years of intensive research, design, and testing, we and our Fire⚡️Isolator partners T-ISS, Studsgaard, and Garant ProTech, demonstrated the Fire⚡Isolator concept together live on March 17, 2022. 

Water Mist Lance testing

The Water Mist Lance is part of the Fire⚡️Isolator concept for controlling and fighting EV car fires. The lance has the ability to penetrate and flood EV car lithium batteries to cool down the batteries in case of fire.

Live testing Fire Isolator concept

Seeing the Fire⚡️Isolator concept for fighting (EV) car fires in action and seeing how it minimizes the collateral damage of EV car fires on ferries or in car parks, was the goal of the live testing day on November 18, 2021. 

Aerosol Unit live demo

The Aerosol units play an important part in the Fire⚡️Isolator concept for controlling/fighting EV car fires. The Aerosol Unit is a lightweight, handheld device for the first responder in a fire situation, primarily for Class A, B, and C fires. 

Car fire blanket

The T-ISS Ultimate VR0906Li fire blanket is the perfect method to isolate smoke and fire in case of EV car fires. This reusable car blanket “kills” a car fire by eliminating oxygen from the fire source, creating overview.