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Car Fire Blankets

The solution to isolate EV car fires

The most effective way to isolate EV Car fires

At Fire Isolator, your safety is our top priority. That is why we developed the Ultimate Fire Blanket, specially designed to control and isolate (electric) vehicle fires. Our Fire Blanket is a fast and easy way to quickly isolate fires. With a temperature resistance of up to 1600 °C/2900 °F, our Fire Blanket takes the lead in isolating EV car fires.

The perfect solution to prevent collateral damage in parking garages, parking lots, shopping malls, Ferries, cargo ships, service/gas stations, airports, and more.

Fire Blanket for car

The Ultimate Fire Blanket by Fire Isolator

The Fire Blanket by Fire Isolator is a very efficient and strong blanket, specially designed to control and isolate electric car fires. Due to depriving the oxygen inlet, the blanket reduces smoke and toxic fumes, creating an enclosed space that aerosol units need to effectively kick down the flames. The fire will not spread any further, preventing collateral damage to the surroundings.

Features and benefits:

  • Made of silica-grade materials, for a temperature resistance of up to 1600 °C/2900 °F (peak temperatures) and eco-friendly.
  • The blanket can stand temperatures of 1200 °C/2200 °F. for more than 50 hours.
  • Tested according to ISO EN 13501-1 & ASTMD6413. Note that there are only 3 car fire blanket manufacturers holding the A1 fire class ISO13501-1 test report, of which we are one. So make sure you set that as a firm requirement to filter out any low-quality blankets.
  • The Fire Blanket is reusable and can be cleaned.
  • Easy to deploy, equipped with colored loops.
  • Protects the surroundings and prevents collateral damage.
  • Suitable from small cars to large pick-ups.
  • Different sizes are available upon request, as well as for small electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-scooters/e-bikes.

Why do I need a Fire Blanket to fight EV car fires?

When it comes to fighting EV fires, just water is simply not enough. It’s like putting water on the roof of a house, while there is a fire in the kitchen. In this case, the battery of the car is the kitchen.

Most Electric vehicles contain a lithium-ion battery (or similar). While lithium-ion batteries offer numerous benefits, such as high energy density and long cycle life, they also pose certain fire risks. One of those risks is Thermal Runaway.

Thermal runaway is a phenomenon that can occur in (EV) batteries and refers to an uncontrolled, self-accelerating increase in temperature within the battery cell or pack. It is a highly critical condition that can lead to overheating and, in extreme cases, fire or explosion.

This is why you need more than just water. Our Fire Blanket will help isolate and control the fire and prevent collateral damage to the surroundings.

Please note: While competitors may promise to extinguish electric car fires with a Fire Blanket, at Fire Isolator we know better. We’ve conducted many successful tests (as did our dealers), and the conclusion is always the same: the Fire Blanket is a great product to isolate fires and win time, but this product will not kill the fire of an electric vehicle on its own. Nor will those of competitors.

Additional measures include aerosol units that interrupt chemical chain reactions in flames and a watermist lance to reduce toxic fumes, and smoke, and maintain the car’s temperature.

How to deploy the Fire Blanket

Deploying the fire blanket effectively requires a minimum of two people. It involves carefully positioning it over the burning vehicle to ensure complete coverage while handling it with care to avoid damage.

Please follow these instructions for safe deployment of the Fire Blanket. How to use:

  1. Place the blanket next to the safest side of the car.
  2. Open the bag and unfold the blanket to its full width.
  3. Pull half the blanket lengthwise over half the car by using the green loops.
  4. Now pull the other half of the blanket over the car using the yellow (or red) loops.
  5. The car is now fully covered.
  6. Straighten the blanket to make sure the blanket touches the ground around the car.

Is our blanket reusable?

Yes, the Ultimate FI-BL0906 fire blanket is reusable up to 6-7 times, making it a sustainable and effective solution for multiple fire incidents. We base this on our own live tests, where we used the same blanket on 3 different EV/hybrid car fires with the battery in thermal runaway. After these fires, the blanket was visibly used, but usable.

Are there size options available?

Yes, Fire Isolator can produce fire blankets in various sizes to meet specific needs. Feel free to inquire about size possibilities. The standard sizes are:

  • 9 x 6 meters for cars/pickup trucks/small vans
  • 3 x 3 meters for eBikes/eScooters and stored lithium-ion batteries
  • 2 x2 meters for eBikes/eScooters and stored lithium-ion batteries
Training for electric car fire containment using blankets

Interested in attending a Fire Isolator training?

At Fire Isolator, we offer training in the Fire Isolator Concept and the Blanket. If you are interested in following such a training, please contact us for more information.

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