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Crocon Showcases Fire Isolator’s Ultimate Fire Blanket in Punat, Croatia

The solution to isolate EV car fires

Crocon Showcases Fire Isolator’s Ultimate Fire Blanket in Punat, Croatia

Crocon Showcases Ultimate Fire Blanket

Crocon Showcases Ultimate Fire Blanket – Beginning their partnership with Fire Isolator in only February this year, we are pleased to share that Crocon already established a strong presence in Croatia with our Fire Isolator concept. Following a series of successful presentations that laid the groundwork for their expertise in EV safety, Crocon recently took a step forward by hosting a live demonstration in the scenic port of Punat on the island of Krk. This demonstration highlights their proactive approach to enhancing electric vehicle (EV) safety with our concept in isolating EV car fires.

During this live demonstration, that took place in March of this year, Crocon featured the Ultimate FI-BL0906 Fire Blanket, a key component of our Fire Isolator range, designed specifically for isolating and controlling EV car fires. Additionally, the Fire Blanket Cabinet was showcased, providing insights into the effective storage and quick deployment of our fire blanket.

Crocon’s dedication to promoting the Fire Isolator concept through educational presentations and hands-on demonstrations emphasizes their profound commitment to EV fire safety. Their efforts in Croatia clearly show their commitment to safety but also highlights the real-world applicability and effectiveness of our concept.