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The solution to isolate EV car fires

Fire Isolator Italy

The Fire Isolator concept in the news in Italy

Fire Isolator Italy – With the growing number of electric car fires (lithium batteries), there is also growing awareness that fighting these types of car fires requires tactics other than water alone. Even in Italy, where the number of electric cars on the road is growing rapidly, there is growing interest in our Fire Isolator…
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electric car fires and why they are so hard to extinguish

Why electric car fires are so hard to extinguish – and what to do to contain them

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars use high-voltage lithium-ion batteries that contain flammable electrolytes. This makes electric car fires hard to extinguish. When an electric vehicle catches fire, the battery’s high voltage can create a phenomenon called thermal runaway, where the battery pack overheats and ignites other cells, leading to an intense and prolonged fire. This…
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How to deploy Fire Isolator concept

How to deploy the Fire Isolator concept

In this animated video, we show you how to deploy the Fire Isolator concept in the event of a fire in an electric vehicle. You will see slowly and clearly explained the following steps to follow when deploying the Fire Isolator concept. How to safely approach the burning EV Where to place the smart bag…
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The T-ISS Thermal Viewer

The Thermal Viewer for monitoring a car fire temperature

The Fire Isolator Concept consists of several tested and proven elements that, when used together, deliver the best results when fighting EV fires in car parks, garages, or on ferries. Our Thermal Viewer (or thermal camera) is one of those crucial elements. What is the Thermal Viewer? The Thermal Viewer is a thermal camera that provides…
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Hur man kontrollerar bränder i EV-bilar

Controllo degli incendi delle Auto Elettriche tramite il sistema di Fire Isolator

Fire Isolator è un sistema per isolare e combattere gli incendi di auto elettriche basato su i migliori test e tecniche pratiche. In generale, non esiste un’unica soluzione per spegnere o controllare gli incendi di auto elettriche, come potranno confermare tutti i vigili del fuoco che hanno avuto a che fare con questo tipo di…
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Water Mist Lance test

Test report: Water Mist Lance

On Saturday, February 26th, a live test of the Water Mist Lance was performed by the T-ISS team. This test was performed together with professional firefighters. You can see the test results of the Water Mist Lance test in the video below. The Water Mist Lance is part of the FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR concept for controlling and…
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EV car on fire

Welcome to Fire Isolator news

Welcome to our news page of the Fire Isolator. Here you will find all relevant news items and blogs.