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The Thermal Viewer for monitoring a car fire temperature

The solution to isolate EV car fires

The Thermal Viewer for monitoring a car fire temperature

The T-ISS Thermal Viewer

The Fire Isolator Concept consists of several tested and proven elements that, when used together, deliver the best results when fighting EV fires in car parks, garages, or on ferries. Our Thermal Viewer (or thermal camera) is one of those crucial elements.

What is the Thermal Viewer?

The Thermal Viewer is a thermal camera that provides ferry and car carrier crews, fire departments, and first responders with the ideal and economical tool to monitor a fire’s temperature and take the necessary actions.

By accurately monitoring the temperature of a fire, a better risk assessment can be made. In the case of deployment to a fire in an electric car with our Fire⚡Isolaror concept for EV car fires, if the temperature rises, another aerosol unit can be deployed to knock down the flames and thus lower the temperature of the fire. This Thermal Viewer can monitor temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius to 1,000 degrees Celsius.

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