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Fire Isolator Concept on national television Korea

The solution to isolate EV car fires

Fire Isolator Concept on national television Korea

Fire isolator on national televison

Our Fire Isolator dealer EMSTEC in Korea has performed another successful test of the Fire Isolator concept, this time on national television.

Due to the recent increase in the penetration rate of electric vehicles, various accidents such as fires have become more frequent, and the fire brigade personnel conducted life-saving and fire suppression drills for actual electric vehicles in order to suppress electric vehicle fires and respond efficiently to accidents.

Electric vehicle accidents are equipped with high-voltage (high-capacity) batteries, unlike ordinary cars, and the risk of electric shock accidents is constant, making the access of fire crews very vulnerable.

In addition, due to the thermal explosion of batteries in the event of a fire, it is difficult to fully evolve the existing methods of fire suppression, and so far, there has been no effective method of suppression. Now the Fire Isolator offers solutions to get the fire under control.

About the successful test

The experiment generated a thermal explosion of an electric vehicle battery with a capacity of 39 kW, recreating the actual fire situation.

As a way to check the adaptive performance of fire suppression equipment dedicated to electric vehicles, it is planned to be used in the future in the electric vehicle accident response method.

We are happy to see that also this time on national television, the Fire Isolator is doing its job of quickly isolating and controlling EV car fires. More videos of the Fire Isolator tests, can be found here.

Fire Isolator on national television