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Reusable Car Fire blanket

The solution to isolate EV car fires

Reusable Car Fire blanket

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These days electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. However, with this increase of popularity also comes an increase of Electric Car fires. This is why we at Fire Isolator created a Reusable Car Fire Blanket especially for electric vehicles.

What are the benefits of our reusable car fire blanket?

Crafted from silica-grade materials, our reusable car fire blanket has a remarkable temperature resistance of up to 1600 °C (2900 °F) during peak temperatures. The blanket is tested rigorously according to ISO EN 13501-1 & ASTMD6413 and can withstand temperatures of 1200 °C (2200 °F) for over 50 hours.

Equipped with colored loops, our reusable car fire blanket is effortlessly easy to deploy, making it an ideal solution for everyone, from small car owners to large pick-up enthusiasts. Customizable sizes are also available upon request, extending its protective reach to small electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-scooters and e-bikes.

Why choose a Fire Blanket to fight EV car fires?

Traditional firefighting methods, such as water, fall short when dealing with EV fires. Water is perfect to cool the car (with the blanket on it),m but it will NOT extinguish the fire in the battery (thermal runaway). Unlike traditional combustion engines, EVs operate on high-energy-density batteries that, while offering advantages like extended range and longer cycle life, also pose specific fire hazards.

The primary reason water alone is not effective in combating EV fires lies in the phenomenon known as Thermal Runaway. This is a critical condition that can occur within the battery cells or pack, characterized by an uncontrolled, self-accelerating increase in temperature. In extreme cases, this can lead to overheating, fire, or even an explosion.

Choosing a Reusable Car Fire Blanket for EV fires is choosing a proactive, specialized, and reusable solution that prioritizes safety and addresses the distinct challenges posed by the batteries in electric vehicles. It’s a strategic investment in safeguarding lives, property, and the environment.

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Fire Blankets by competitors

While other companies may promise complete extinguishment, at Fire Isolator, we emphasize realism. Our Reusable Car Fire Blanket excels at isolating fires and buying valuable time, but it isn’t a standalone solution. Additional measures, including aerosol units to interrupt chemical chain reactions and a watermist lance to reduce toxic fumes and smoke, complement the Fire Blanket’s efficacy in handling EV fires.

The Fire Isolator concept is the outcome of our professional tests of different extinguishing methods of (EV) car fires. We conducted many successful tests, and so have our dealers. These tests prove not only that our blanket can be reused, but also that it can hold peak temperatures of up to 1600 °C (2900 °F) and can even handle an explosion in the battery.

Footage of our live tests can be found on our video page.

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