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Test of the Fire Blanket successful

The solution to isolate EV car fires

Test of the Fire Blanket successful

This incredible video captures a remarkable moment during the test of the fire blanket conducted by our trusted partner and dealer, SSI Fire Solutions. It showcases the exceptional performance of our Fire Isolator blanket, which not only successfully contained the fire but also demonstrated its incredible resilience by withstanding an unexpected explosion within the battery.

SSi Fire Solution said the following about this successful test of the Fire blanket:

This may be a few days late due to access but here is the video I promised last week of the Fire Isolator EV Fire Blanket along with the GreenEx Fire Suppression Solutions B.V. FST being deployed on a Toyota RAV Hybrid. Testing performed as per the specifications and results provided by FireIsolator in their documentation. We are working on a White Paper with the actual data received, if you are interested in the Data please reach out and we will copy you when completed. If you are interested in purchasing the FST or the EV Blanket you can contact one of our amazing Distributors across Canada: BC and Alberta contact Associated Fire Safety Group Saskatchewan and Manitoba; ABC FIRE & SECURITY LTD. in Ontario: A.J. Stone Company Ltd.

About our Fire Isolator Blanket

The Fire Isolator Blanket is the best way to control and isolate car fires for All-Electric Vehicles
(EVs) as well as normal cars. The Fire Isolator Fire Blanket will directly assist in containing the
flames, smoke, and toxic fumes. The blanket is temperature resistant up to 1600 °C and is easy
to place over the vehicle because of the colored loops. This blanket is available in multiple
sizes upon request.

test of the fire blanket
Fire Blanket

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