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Why a hybrid car fire is more likely to happen than an EV car fire

The solution to isolate EV car fires

Why a hybrid car fire is more likely to happen than an EV car fire

Hybrid car fire

Hybrid car fire – At Fire Isolator, we have focussed mainly on how to control EV car fires. But it might be interesting for you to know that our concept can also be used on hybrid cars. Why this is interesting? Because recent statistics show that hybrid vehicles actually come in number one with the most fires per 100K sales.

What is the difference between an EV car and a hybrid car?

A hybrid car is not the same as an electric car. The difference between the two is that a hybrid vehicle uses two engines: a ‘regular’ engine and an electric motor. Because of the regular engine, the hybrid car can drive on fuel (diesel or petrol). However, the car also has an electric motor that can be charged.

Why hybrid cars are more likely to catch fire than EV cars

The research of AutoinsuranceEZ shows us that a hybrid car fire is more likely to happen and seems to be the most dangerous Fuel type car for fires. But why? Apparently, the presence of a gasoline enginge next to a high-powered electric battery system is the cause of most problems with hybrid cars. The combinations of these two together generate a lot of heat. This heat can be dangerous for the lithium-ion battery in the car and possibly cause a thermal runaway and fire.

Controlling a hybrid car fire with the Fire Isolator Concept

In one of our previous news items, we explained why it is so hard to put out an EV car fire. As you can imagine, putting out a hybrid car fire with two different engines inside can be just as challenging. Luckily, our Fire Isolator products can be used for electric vehicles, including hybrids.

In case of a hybrid car fire in a parking lot, alongside the road, or on a ferry, the goal must be to minimize collateral damage. Specialists with a long track record of fighting EV fires figured out that the best method to fight an EV/hybrid fire is to have minimal damage to the surroundings, cargo & passengers. The conclusion? A combination of different methods delivers the best results. With this best practice, the Fire Isolator concept was born.

The Fire Isolator Concept holds 3 elements that, when used together, deliver the best results for fighting EV or hybrid car fires on board ferries or in car parks:

1. The use of an (ISO tested) High Temperature (1600 degrees Celsius) resistant Fire Blanket
2. The use of aerosol units that interrupt the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flames
3. The use of a Water Mist lance

Learn more about the Fire Isolator concept here.