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Month: March 2022

The solution to isolate EV car fires

controlling EV car fires

Fighting and controlling EV car fires with Fire Isolator – Live demonstration video report

Controlling EV car fires Fire⚡Isolator – After almost two years of intensive research, design, and testing, we and our Fire⚡Isolator partners T-ISS, Studsgaard, and Garant ProTech demonstrated the Fire⚡Isolator concept on March 17, 2022. This time in front of an audience of Ferry owners, safety directors of both maritime and onshore sectors, port authorities, government,…
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Fire Isolator Fire blanket

Aerosol Units to stop EV car fires

What is the Aerosol Unit? The Aerosol Unit is a device that first responders use in a fire situation. Because the unit is a lightweight, hand-held device, it is very easy to use. It allows the first responder on the scene to activate and throw it into the fire area. The device will then automatically…
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Water Mist Lance test

Test report: Water Mist Lance

On Saturday, February 26th, a live test of the Water Mist Lance was performed by the T-ISS team. This test was performed together with professional firefighters. You can see the test results of the Water Mist Lance test in the video below. The Water Mist Lance is part of the FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR concept for controlling and…
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